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Size Chart


The best way to order the size for your new belt is to measure an old belt. Measure from the buckle end to the hole at the other end of the belt that fits you best or you use most often, as illustrated in the diagram below.




Alternatively, you can measure your waist.

Ideally, you should have on a pair of pants so you can run the tape measure through your belt loops.  Before measuring remove any belt you may be wearing. Wrap the tape measure around you at about the level where you intend to wear your belt. Pull the tape measure up as snug as you like to wear your belt. (Some people wear it tight, others want it looser.) This is the measurement you should order.

The measurement produced by either of the above methods is the size you will order (For men, this will usually be 2 to 4 inches larger than your pant size.

***NOTE*** Allowing for the buckle  -  If you will be wearing your belt with an unusual buckle, i.e. trophy, rodeo or fancy buckles etc Measure from the prong or pin to the hole that you are using. If the prong is more than two inches from the end of the belt, please subtract the difference from the size you order.  In addition, if your adding names or phrases to your belt, please include the measurement of the buckle, (from prong to fold) in the notes when ordering.  (Example: if the prong of your buckle is four inches from the fold at the end of the belt, subtract 2 inches from the size of the belt you order and place "4" buckle length" in the notes.)

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