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A word about belt colors...

The color swatches shown below are actual pieces of our hand dyed belts to best represent our available colors.

*** NOTE*** We can not guarantee your belt will precisely match the images below due to a few factors:

1 - Given that leather is a natural product there will always be variations from one belt to the next

2 - We dye every piece by hand which eliminates any mechanized uniformity

3 - Numerious variations among computer monitors and settings

The GREAT thing about these variables is that your belt will be a one of a kind.


                  BLACK                                             Chocolate                                        Walnut

   havana-brown.jpg   chestnut-brown.jpg


                Light Walnut                                    Chelsea Brown                                   Cordovan


chestnut-brown.jpg   chelsea-brown.jpg   cordovan.jpg


               British Tan                                         Saddle Tan                                       Buckskin


british-tan.jpg   saddle-tan.jpg   buckskin.jpg


                  Maroon                                           Turquoise                                         Royal Blue


maroon.jpg   turquoise.jpg   royal-blue.jpg


                Navy Blue                                             Red                                                 Green


navy-blue.jpg   red.jpg   green.jpg


                  Yellow                                               Purple                                              Orange


yellow.jpg   purple.jpg  

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